Dennis Duban is one of the managing partners at the Los Angeles based accounting firm Duban Sattler and Associates, which used to be paper heavy and has now gone green.

Going paperless at an office seems like the trendy environmental thing to do these days. However, more than simply being favorable for the environment and generating positive press for your company, it turns out there are actual benefits and rewards to the business itself.

1. Money Savings

The money that an office typically spends on reams of paper, printers, toner cartridges, and extra storage space for all of the file folders full of hard-copy documents is drastically reduced. Even hourly wages are reduced because less man-hours are required to make copies, file documents, and relocate them when needed. Even invoices can be sent electronically, saving money on postage and encouraging a quicker payment from clients.

2. Space Savings

As mentioned above, it is no longer necessary to keep stacks of folders full of papers when you have everything stored electronically. This eliminates rent and storage expenses, allowing that money and space to be reinvested into the company in a more useful manner. It also keeps documents more organized and safer from destruction.

3. Time Savings

With a paperless, electronic office, it is much simpler to store and search for all documents from a server. No more rifling through file cabinets of papers. It is also significantly easier to locate and email a document to a client, improving customer service.

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